Here are the streaming tracks from our very first self-recorded, self-released EP. We had so much fun bringing our songs to life, and we really hope you enjoy it! (P.S. We covered a Billy Idol song.)

Look for our new album, Hindsight, in early 2020.

“Constant Machine”
Not the things that I say but the things that I do that make me
You’d think that I haven’t got a clue what my mind is for
An impression of a life is to take what you want for granted
In the end all the little ones will join my machine

Written & performed by Echo Drop

“Rebel Yell”
In the midnight hour, he cried more, more more

With a rebel yell, he cried more more more

Written by Billy Idol & Steve Stevens

“Gonna Be”
Never thought about it but look around it’s all the same.
Every girl is broken hearted, every guy’s to blame.
How about we take a little bit of power back?
This script is fiction baby, oh not a fact.

Written & performed by Echo Drop

“Isn’t It?”

Don’t wanna close my eyes again

And wake up to you as a friend
Could these be the words I say

When you’re half a world away?

Written & performed by Echo Drop

“Open Your Mind”
Some days I can not try

They tell me it’s fine, but not alright
Making and breaking up with my sanity
Will my better still get the best of me?