I Started a Vodcast

She says …

I have a big love for deep conversation. And then you throw voice into the mix … fuggedaboutit!

That’s two big reasons why I started my own vodcast, aptly named Voxsana (a Latin word which translates to “voice” + “heal/healing”). That, and the pandemic flipped my humble teaching practice on its head.

But as they say, lemons to lemonade.

The goal of the show is to proport a new definition of voice (more than just vocal cords + breath), in essence, to celebrate our human instrument (mind, body, soul) and its interconnectivity (singing, speaking, writing).

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with vocal coaches, yoga teachers, sociolinguists, doctors, authors, speech language therapists and Julliard professors. And all of them echo this theme, that our voice is interconnected.

There’s a book in there somewhere (*wink*).

The show is not polished, or edited. And that is on purpose. I record the show live for a few reasons: to engage our community with their comments and questions, and to circumvent my inner perfectionist, who would still be planning and plotting on how to create the perfect show. It’s raw, it’s real and it’s honest.

You want to know the answers to your burning questions? Start a vodcast. Email your must-chats. (They’ll likely say yes.) And ask away.

Happy viewing!

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